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Frias' Day -- Friday
    Some say they have never heard of Fria, yet her name is celebrated internationally every week, and celebrated with more parties all over the world one could ever count, and these parties are more than often for no other reason than it is her day, Fria's Day, more modernly known as Friday. Who better could I dedicate my web page to, hence welcome to Fria's Network, now let's find some parties.

Fria the Goddess
    Fria, or Freya although records never quite agree, was the Norse Goddess of Women, of Beauty, and Finally of Love. Yet others call her the Goddess of the Harvest, of Fertility. And others say she is the Goddess who carries dead heroes to the heavens. Regardless her name has always meant "The Fair One". She is the definition, and the essence of beauty, she is woman, hence my page is dedicated to her, as it is dedicated to love and beauty.

Spelling? what's that
    A note on my use of the word sight. Sight is not a misspelling but an intentional twist. As I figure it, I surf the web to see the sights. In my mind, distorted as it is, if I was going to a site, a site being where one usually places something, then with all of those girls I would have to place myself there. Which means I would never get anything done, like work on my sight that people like to see.
International Events Calendar
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Parties. Pageants. Balls. Anywhere Girls get Naked!
If it ain't here, why havent you told us!

Last updated: 7 APR 03
The most copied Adult Events Calendar on the web.

Apologies for the lack of updates, still trying to get caught up from the Motorcycle accident.

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Only The Best Way to Sell a Car.

Extreme Flashers

18 JAN 2001 Contributions Encouraged. jb@frias.net


Movie Reviews
9 JUN 2000


Accidents do happen!
25 AUG 01
Contributions Welcome. jb@frias.net

Erotic Stories

16 MAR 03
Contributions Welcome. jb@frias.net


7 SEP 01

Daisy Dukes Spotted
Created 17 DEC 2005
~M~ for President
Updated 6 APR 2003
Search Engine Scams
Updated 12 MAY 2001
Tiger In The Meat Market Of Life
04 FEB 2001
Tiger Gets In Trouble At School
09 JAN 2001
A Lesson In Sculpting Sunshine
10 DEC 2000
More & More Neat Things
Are Popping Up...
To Do What To Our Desktop?

12 JUN 2000
As If Blacks Beach Wasn't Bad Enough
California Is At It Again
Once The Land Of Sun And Fun Now?

12 JUN 2000
A Girl On The Other Side Of A Strip Bar

1 MAR 00
Blacks Beach is in Trouble
2 DEC 99
Will The Y2K Bug Get Your Girl
Better Read Here For This Important Finding
18 SEP 1999
President Winton's Wang
Makes Headlines
Updated 18 DEC 1999
War Such a Waste
21 JUL 1999
The Problem With Big Dicks
22 JUL 1999


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