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Unlike the Art page Frias E-zine is, a no bones about it, Adult Page.
That is, there is real people getting real, naked.
And of course, nutty people writing nutty about them,
but the art will not be forgotten, in the plans are cartoons.
See you inside Frias E-zine.

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If criminals exceed 50% of the Population,
When will Majority Rule?
Oh yes, Clinton was President.
Frias E-zine
An Adult E-zine for a not so serious side of porn, Events, know where the fun is before the party, and fresh content.
The Flag I Shed Blood For, Freedome I Will Always Fight For
Proud to be a Vet!
I fight for Freedom!
One freedom is Choice
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   I apologize, but the cams are not on this sight, yes there are cams on this server but they are not adult. This is one of the problems of spiders indexing sights instead of humans, again my apologies to those of you who have been misdirected here. But hey you are still welcome to come on in and take a look around, it's still all free, and maybe some adult cams can be in the future, but definitely not in the planning for now.

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 Events / Parties
Adara Michael's Pissing Off America Contest        November
Adultdex       November
Arizona Bike Week       March
Bare-2-Breakers       May
Bay To Breakers       May
Bike Week       March
Biker Rally       September
Biketoctoberfest       October
Boob Cruise       April
Burning Man       August
Carnival       Febuary
Cherokee Rally       September
Clothing Optional Go Cart Racing       June
Co-ed Naked Paintball Tournament       April, May
Dash For Cash       April, October
Derby Day       May
Erotica LA Halloween Costume Ball       October
Exotic Dancer Fan Fair / Conventiuon       September
Exotic Erotic Ball       October, December
Fantasy Fest       October
Fetish Ball       June
GAS       October
Glastonbury       June
The Great American Pissing Contest       November
Great American Strip-Off       October
Gypsy Tour       June
Hollister Independence Rally       June
Kentucky Derby Week       May
Key West Bike Week       September
Laconia Bike Week       June
Lake Havasu       May, July, September
Laughlin River Run       April
Mardigras       Febuary
Mermaid Parade       June
Naked Mile Run       April
Naked Party       October
Nude Car Show       August, June
Nude Olympics       August
Nude Skiing       April
Nudestock       July
Oregon Country Fair       July
Party Cove       May, July, September
Philadelphia Folk Festival       August
Quad Run       December
Rainbow Gathering       July
Run For The Roses       May
Sand Bar       September
Spanksgiving       November
Sturgis       August
SwingStock       July
Testy Festy Festival       September
Volleyball Superbowl       September
Waterpooloza       September

 Miss Nude
Miss Nude World       October
Miss Nude International       Febuary
Miss Nude USA       June
Miss Nude Midwest       September
Miss Nude West Coast       September
Miss Nude New England       May
   Miss Nude Flordia       April, June
     Miss Nude Tampa Bay        November
   Miss Nude Georga       July
     Miss Nude Atlanta        March, May?

   Miss Nude Illinois        November
   Miss Nude Ohio        June
   Miss Nude Oregon        Febuary
   Miss Nude New Mexico        July
   Miss Nude Northaven        July
   Miss Nude Wisconsin        Febuary
Miss Nude Canada       June
   Miss Mude Edmonton        May
   Miss Nude Ontario        April
     Miss Nude Southwestern Ontario        October
   Miss Nude Saskatoon        April
   Miss Nude Toronto        November
Miss Nude Australia        August
Miss Nude South Australia        July

  Looking for info on: if you know any info on any of these events, or if you know of any other event that you think deserves to be in
  Frias E-zine please e-mail me here Contact
Miss Nude America
Miss Nude Northeast
Miss Nude Alabama
Miss Nude Alaska
Miss Nude Arizona
Miss Nude Arkansas
Miss Nude California
Miss Nude Colorado
Miss Nude Connecticut
Miss Nude District of Columbia
Miss Nude Delaware
Miss Nude Hawaii
Miss Nude Idaho
Miss Nude Indiana
Miss Nude Iowa
Miss Nude Kansas
Miss Nude Kentucky
Miss Nude Louisiana
Miss Nude Maine
Miss Nude Maryland
Miss Nude Massachusetts
Miss Nude Michigan
Miss Nude Minnesota
Miss Nude Mississippi
Miss Nude Missouri
Miss Nude Montana
Miss Nude Nebraska
Miss Nude Nevada
Miss Nude New Hampshire
Miss Nude New Jersey
Miss Nude New York
Miss Nude North Carolina
Miss Nude North Dakota
Miss Nude Okalahoma
Miss Nude Pennsylvania
Miss Nude Rhode Island
Miss Nude South Carolina
Miss Nude South Dakota
Miss Nude Tennessee
Miss Nude Texas
Miss Nude Utah
Miss Nude Vermont
Miss Nude Virginia
Miss Nude Washington
Miss Nude West Verginia
Miss Nude Wyoming
Miss Nude Norway
Miss Nude Japan
Miss Nude China
Miss Nude Germany
Miss Nude England
Miss Nude Europe


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