Panties Pulled Down

    Minerta stood in the Dress Shop, just outside the Dressing Room door wandering why everyone was staring at her. Was this dress that striking on her, or maybe that ugly. She had been looking at the dress for several months now, and had just managed to save up the money for it. She loved the dress and thought it looked great on her, but was it enough to attract this much attention. Unlike most stores this Dress Shop had it's dressing room at the front of the store, just beside the big picture window. Their ideal was to show off just how popular their clothes were, and how many ladies were trying them on. Such certainly worked as the window typically drew a crowd, sorta like a perpetual modeling show with all the newest and most elegant fashions, only they were modeled by the most to do ladies in town. But the longer Minerta stood there the more the crowd grew in and outside the window. It felt quite weird to be such the center of attention. But with this many people stopping to look, it just couldn't be bad, this dress just had to look just that fantastic on her. Surely buying this dress had to be the greatest moment of her life, even if she honestly couldn't afford it. It was then when Minerta noticed one guy talking to his buddy and pointing at her, only he was pointing at the floor. Minerta was puzzled, what could that possibly be about? She looked down but saw nothing strange on the floor. Only when she was about to shrug it off as nothing, did Minerta finally notice her panties down around her ankles, she had been standing there all this time with her panties pulled down, standing there in front of the whole town with her panties down around her ankles. Minerta was suddenly so ashamed. But hold it, surely those couldn't be her panties, she just tried on a dress, why would she pull her panties down for that? Maybe they were somebody else's and she just stepped into them by accident. Yes that had to be it, they were laying on the floor, and she stepped in them when she stepped out of the bathroom. Quickly Minerta checked. No her shoulders slowly slumped in defeat, they were indeed hers, as she had none on. No! Minerta exclaimed out loud. What had she just done. She just raised the hem of her dress up to check if those were her own panties, and infront of all of these people. What was she thinking, where were her brains? Heck if those wouldn't have been her panties, she would have shown the whole town her panties anyhow. What a stupid moment. But worse since they were her panties, she just lifted up her own dress to show the whole town her bare pussy, her thick tangle of blond pussy hair displayed in plain view to all who cared to look. How could she be so dumb. Then Minerta remembered, bathroom; she had thought bathroom. When she went into the Dressing Room she had hiked up her old dress and pulled her panties down as if she was in the bathroom for some dumb reason. Only when she sat her bare bottom on the cold bench did she realize she was in a dressing room, whereupon she stood up and pulled her old dress off, dawning the new one on. So why was she being so absent minded today? Just then Minerta realized she had been standing here all this time, thinking, figuring out why her panties were down around her ankles, all the wile standing here thinking, still holding the hem of her dress up under her chin. Not only did she flash her bare pussy, she had to make sure everyone had plenty of time to see her bare pussy. Minerta sat down on the floor as she began to sob in disbelief of what she had just done to herself. But stupid as she was being today, she had still not thought to put the hem of her dress back down. Now blond hair doesn't do allot toward hiding what is beneath it, and it certainly didn't this time, as Minerta sitting there with her panties around her ankles, and her dress up under her chin, as the crease of her womanhood stood in plain view from between her parted ankles, as she cried on her knees. From the silence, grown even quieter, Minerta realized what she just did. What a perfectly humiliating ending to a utterly humiliating day.

By jb

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