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That said, let's put some reality in perspective. Physical Address Requirement: Although it probably don't apply (as taking pictures of sex acts doesn't appeal to me) (Thanks Judge Miller, it is good to know there are honest people like you in government, people who let me know that I did not shed my blood in vein). Anyhow, I have to say my peace. Address problems. Being a Disabled Vet, the US Military will not admit to problems it causes (and that is for some 80% to 90% of us Disabled Vets in the real world), and gainful employment is not available for the disabled, hence we have to live in places the US Post Office will not deliver to (not that they delivered in Beatty either, had to walk 4 miles (even on crutches) there to get mail, and then they complained that I picked it up only every other week). At this writing I am not currently homeless, although I have been and probably will be again, just once again on a road with no name, and a home with no number, and have to jump through loops just to figure how to get mail again. But even if I had money, I would be living on the road in my Motor Home enjoying the beauty of this world, and capturing what I can of it on film and in pen, I would still not have an address. Anyhow where do you louts get off trying to tell me I have to have an address, last I knew I fought for Freedom, not for a ball and chain nor been counters. Keeping of Records, ok, but laws regarding nudity are but a matter of Morality, ie. Belief, ie. Religion. However Freedom is about tolerance of each other in what we disagree with, (not about enslaving anyone to a piece of land). God did Create this Earth with many things of great beauty, many even breath taking, and humans indeed are one of those beauties, even at times breath takingly so. Just because as a Society we choose to adorn ourselves with the corpses of the plants and animals we kill, and are offended by those who don't so adorn themselves, doesn't make it any other than a matter of belief; differences we need to tolerate to maintain freedom. Please tolerate my belief as I tolerate yours. Father jb
(PS. Forgive me if my inability to afford an address might also equate to my inability to afford internet at a time you may want to contact me)

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