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Warning News Headliner:

Yahoo is no longer a search engine, they are now only a listing of paid advertisers. This constitutes a major change in the way we view the web. What has been an open exchange of ideals, the web, a place where everyone has a voice bad or good. As of December 2000 Yahoo wishes to change all of this, you must now pay $200 to have them even look at your website. LookSmart, and GoTo are already following suit. But we can change all of this, don't use Yahoo, who wants to look at just a list of paid advertisements anyhow. There are still plenty of free search engines, ones that still want to index the web and would appreciate your traffic. To list a few: Dmoz, About, Excite, InfoSeek, and Northern Light. Sites such as Lycos, AltaVista, Google, and AOL all just use Dmoz for their data base, not that such is bad, only if you can not find that you are looking for on one of them, using another won't help. And in the end, anything is better than paid advertisements, after all isn't that why we watch TV.